Dear EASC colleagues

You turn around three times, and the year is already over... A year that was not easy for many, once again marked by Covid, a year that brought us to our limits, forced us to rethink, to abandon plans, in short, a year that challenged us!

We have experienced, tackled, and implemented a lot - often alone in front of our screens, but sometimes also together at direct meetings. EASC has grown with you in terms of experience, members, ideas, and exchange. We would like to thank all those who have actively or passively contributed to this!

This year we had our first online congress, elected a new board that reflects European diversity, our members have published books and studies, we have met regularly online and “It's EASC Time” has long since become an established meeting place. Our institutes have trained many coaches and supervisors with high standards and quality.

We have developed coaching and supervision together, entered new cooperation with universities, participated in the Round Table Coaching, have excellent institutes that have been recognised by the government, as in Switzerland, new regional groups have been founded!

We have a lot of plans for 2022 and the following years! Be part of it, let's develop our European federation together!

But before that, no matter where you live, let's enjoy the Christmas break and dive into the new year 2022 together! We look forward to seeing you and to shaping 2022 together for and with supervision and coaching!

Stay healthy and positive at heart!

On behalf of  the EASC Board

Susanne Rieger