EASC Congress in Eichstätt on
14 and 15 September 2018


Meanwhile the date and topic of our outstanding event are surely well-known. But this is NEW: the conference programme has been extended and fascinating co-operations have developed during the planning and preparation. You will read more about this later on, but first let’s look at what is most important: we still have capacity for more participants and we would be very glad if even more EASC members and other interested parties registered for the event. So here comes the clear appeal:

Do register for the EASC Congress in Eichstätt, take part in it and bring other interested people. Promote our congress!! The event will thrive on a multifaceted exchange among experts from practice and science all over Europe, everybody – and also EASC – will benefit from each further participant!

We hold the congress in partnership with the Catholic University of Eichstätt, which, among others, will contribute valuable input from Prof. Janusz Janusz Surzykiewicz, Prof. Joachim Thomas and Prof. Serge Sulz as well as their colleagues, has organised more keynote speeches and in addition provides its building and logistics. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers already now for the excellent cooperation, which makes us assume that the congress will be just as good.

It is for the first time that EASC works with another cooperation partner: the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University of Warsaw. Prof. Dr. Stanisław Dziekoński, President of UKSW, will be among those opening the congress. We will have the chance to discuss new and inspiring topics with him and with the participants from Poland.

The Catholic University of Eichstätt has obtained support from the regional network Gesundheitsnetzwerk LEBEN (health network LIFE), and EASC has been able to win over the publishing house managerseminare as a sponsor.

So here is what’s new about the programme:

The keynote addresses at the beginning of the congress on Friday morning have been fixed some time ago:

  • Prof Dr. Stefan Kühl (Bielefeld University): “How to deal with rule deviations in organisations. A contemporary organisational psychology perspective”
  • Dr. Christoph Schmidt-Lellek: “Life Coaching”

For the Saturday we have been able to agree two more keynote speeches:

  • Prof. Dr. Carsten C. Schermuly (SRH Hochschule Berlin): “Effects of coaching - A glance into research and the future”
  • Prof. Dr. Eric Lippmann (ZHAW IAP Zurich ): “The VUCA world and resulting implications for supervision and coaching”

We will also have a panel discussion with scientists on Saturday: Prof. Dr. Carsten C. Schermuly, Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller and a representative of the UKSW University of Warsaw will exchange their views on supervision and coaching in the VUCA world, with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bartosch (Catholic University of Eichstätt) acting as a moderator.

Meanwhile we have 16 workshops on the agenda of our EASC Congress. The last slot was filled at the beginning of May, and the variety of topics reflects the diversity of trainers and practitioners of supervision and coaching in EASC. Many of the speakers are long-standing members of our association, and we look forward to this opportunity to continue our encounters. Some represent other organisations, such as the Catholic University of Eichstätt, and some will speak at an EASC congress for the first time – so we also look forward to new impulses and contributions from different perspectives.

As always, the congress will thrive on dialogue, contact and interaction within and in addition to the official agenda. Get together, plenary meetings, evening programme and even a guided tour of the town by night on Friday complement the programme and will make the event a real EASC congress.

You are right in finding a certain degree of enthusiasm in these lines, as we, the organisational team, are convinced and really look forward to our event. We would really like to share the always special experiences of the EASC congress with you. Do register for our event and promote it!



News from the Regional Groups

Armina Baar-Barenfels writes us from the Regional Group of Barcelona:

Here are the dates and topics of our 4 annual meetings in Barcelona. If possible, please publish them on the website and/or in the next newsletter.

Dear friends and colleagues of EASC, this is our programme for 2018:

Venue: CREC, Carrer de Blesa, 27, 08004 Barcelona (metro line No. 2, stop: Parallel)

Time: 18.30h-20.30h

  1. Topic: “Personal Image”, presented by Ines Suris. Date: 22 March 18
  2. Topic: “Mindfulness in Companies”, presented by Juliane Echternkamp. Date: 14 June 2018
  3. Topic: “Identification and Transformation of Limiting Beliefs”, presented by Yasmine Recasens. Date: 27 September 18
  4. Topic: “Education and Empathy”, presented by Dolors Baget. Date: 11 December 18


You will find the Regional Group at our website: <link de mitglieder regionalgruppen detail barcelona>



Round Table of Coaching

The RTC is on its way to change from a mere community of interest consisting of about 20 German coaching associations into an umbrella organisation of trade associations for coaching, e.g. taking the form of a German registered association (e.V.). This process will take its time, detailed discussions and carefully weighted decisions are required in order to bring the many interests together and form a strong representation of qualified professional coaches.

EASC is actively involved in this process.

With all member associations (and thus also with EASC), the RTC has unanimously adopted a commitment on ethical behaviour in coaching. The position paper comprises 4 pages, which the EASC Office will be happy to send to you upon request (or you can find it at: online@roundtable-coaching.eu).

The Roundtable of Coaching regularly organises online RTC events. At https://www.roundtable-coaching.eu/rtc-online/, it invites you with the following words [translated from German]: “It is our interest to inspire, exchange expert know-how at a high level and define coaching topics for the future. For these purposes we invite competent speakers who also dare think outside the box. At RTC online you have the chance to get to know various different perspectives and methods of professional coaching, discuss technical issues with experts and make new contacts at the same time.” There you can announce your interest in taking part in upcoming events and browse in texts from past events.


Publication Wegener et al. (ed.) 2018: impact on coaching

Robert Wegener et al. (publisher Vanderhoeck und Ruprecht) have produced a book on the international coaching congress “Coaching meets Research”, which was held at FHNW (University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland) in Olten in 2016. The title reflects the topic of the conference and the volume comprises an introduction, 12 scientific articles and 5 articles on practical topics that are relevant to research. EASC sponsored the congress (just like the one held this year) and congratulates the authors on the publication, which also contains texts written by EASC members….