Dear Members,

The year 2022 is coming to an end! It has not been the easiest year; it was a year that brought us changes that will remain and new situations that are already on the doorstep and that we cannot assess. It was also a year that after a long time has again brought direct meetings, with beautiful moments and for many of us full agendas.

The EASC Year 2022…

…was a year with a well-attended and brilliant congress on sustainability in Barcelona, for which we had to wait two years, a year with many exciting It's EASC Times, with exchanges virtually and in presence in regional groups, with first approaches with other European associations at European level. A year with changes in the Office and the Board – in short, a year of changes, transformations, events and first steps!

…was also a year of losses. Some of our old and very experienced members and institutes have retired. We thank you all for your long service! Very valued members like our colleague Rainer Thiele-Fölsch, have left us forever. We are truly sorry for the loss of this esteemed person.

…was a year in which many people got involved. Such as translators at It's EASC Time, in working groups like our newsgroup, as volunteers in the Board, CQS and other committees or as paid staff in the office! Thanks to all who fill EASC with life and live professional relationships!

The EASC Year 2023…

…will bring many innovations! Our office will be expanded with a position for social media and marketing. We will rely on external support for bookkeeping and new data software, which will hopefully make all processes faster and even more member-friendly. Our board team has come together, redistributed tasks and is ready to tackle the new year with more members, more offers, and more service for all!

…will be marked by growth! We are receiving more and more requests from universities and institutions to become members or to certify their training. This makes us very happy, and we attach great importance to the institutes' active involvement in EASC. For example, after several months of coordination and review processes in the board, we decided to certify the coaching trainings of Veit Lindau Homodea in Germany after a recommendation by the CQS. The trainings are mainly conducted in an online format and usually reach more than 1000 participants. In a joint coordination process, it was possible to align the EASC standards with the Homodea structures in such a way that certification as an EASC coach is possible.

…will become more EUROPE. Last year we entered a cooperation with the EMCC and ANSE in which we want to invest a lot of time and energy in the coming year. We want to be more present in more European countries, promote the networking of coaches and supervisors and make our members more heard at European and different national levels.

…another congress will take place, this time online again! We are already looking forward to an exchange with you! It's EASC Time will continue, we will be more present in the social media, we will reorganise our website and we will be open for your questions and ideas.

…is all about quality! Our reform group is in the process of revising the current manual and adapting it to the changing and further demanding requirements. We will soon have innovations for the institutes and are working on a system of continuous quality assurance! Would you like to work on this? The reform group is still looking for a freelancer to work with them. Please contact us if you are interested!

In short, the year 2023 is awaited with open arms! Be there, get involved, and let's create many moments of encounter and exchange together! Well-trained and qualified coaches and supervisors will be brought across Europe to increase resilience in difficult times, to initiate sustainable processes and to humanise change!

We wish you all a good time from one year to the next to clean up, clear out, plan and redesign - so that 2023 can arrive with all its surprises, good and difficult moments!

Stay healthy and ready for life!

Susanne Rieger
Chair of the EASC