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November 17th 2021, 07.00 – 08.30 p.m (GMT +02:00)

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"Identity, resonance and construction of meaning" Contributions from coaching and supervision. Presentation of the book by its author, Prof. Jesús Hernández Aristu.

The author
Jesús Hernández Aristu: Various studies in Humanities, Social, Philosophical and Theological Sciences. University Professor (retired). Writes and publishes in Spanish and German. More than 40 works as author or co-author, Intercultural and citizen of the cosmos. I like the colour blue and the conversation between friends and thinkers, now with a good cup of coffee, in the past with a good glass of wine.

Drawing on his own experience of his itinerant life in Europe, South America and Japan, the author takes a look at questions that are currently at the forefront of psychological, sociological, philosophical and even religious reflection on the perennial issues of human existence. Who am I, where do we come from, what, if anything, is the meaning of my life, what or who to rely on when life's difficulties are on the rise, when burnout, stress and anxiety threaten or take hold of the individual? Where can we find the strength and energy to overcome these phenomena? The author deals with these questions by giving life guidelines based on his own experience and the practice of accompanying individuals, groups, teams and organisations through supervision, personal and executive coaching, civic participation and adult education.

After the general welcome, we will meet in small groups to get to know each other. The evening will be moderated by Susanne Rieger who introduces the author.
The presentation of the book and the subsequent discussion will take place in the plenary.

Linguistic comprehension
The presentation of the book in plenary will be in Spanish. Translation into English and German will be provided. Instructions on how to enter the language box can be found here.

Further information on the book can be found in the press release

As Jesús Hernández Aristu is bilingual Spanish-German, we will discuss and ask questions in both languages and translate into English.

Participants who require translation are kindly requested to inform the office of their attendance by 15.11.2021.

We look forward to your active participation!


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Susanne Rieger and Volker Tepp
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