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January 20th 2021, 07.00 – 08.30 p.m (GMT +02:00)

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What does your brain have to do with coaching?
The impact of neuroscience on coaching

Presented by
Sara Rodriguez

Bio:"I’m organizational psychologist, certified coach, trainer and consultant. I have spent the past 11 years supporting teams and people to navigate through cultures, their careers and their development.
I passionately challenge the status quo and promote change and growth.
My other passions: developing the potential of my students at university and practicing sports."

A coach is called “an expert in facilitating self-directed neuroplasticity”, a term highlighting Brain’s ability to change, as an intelligent organ that can redefine its networks (Amy Brann). 

Yes, I know… this sounds overly cold or rational. But what if I tell you that all your emotions are in your brain? What if I tell you that understanding how the brain works is crucial to foster learning and change?  How can we help a client to unleash their full potential by creating the right environment for the brain to work optimally?  What should we know as coaches about neuroscience to work efficiently with our clients? For 25 minutes I’ll facilitate an introductory input to create a common ground, that will allow us to have a fascinating conversation reflecting on theses question and the ones that will emerge during our time together.  

We start with with a 20 minutes´ "Welcome Round" in small groups for exchange and getting to know each other. After the speaker´s input of 25 minutes, there will be time for questions, suggestions, debate and comments

The input will be held in English.
The debate in the plenary will be able in English, Spanish and German, as Sara is trilingual.
Further on, we will provide written and oral translation and manage linguistic comprehension together as usual.

We look forward to your active participation!

Warmest wishes,
Susanne Rieger and Volker Tepp
On behalf of the EASC Board

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