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July 15th, 2020, 07.00 – 08.30 p.m

Resilience-Circle-Training according to the "Bamboo-Principle"

Presented by
Sigrid Stilp-Weiß


We will get an insight into the work of Sigrid Stilp-Weiß on the topic of "Resilience". She will briefly explain the term resilience, then introduce the "Bamboo Principle" and the Resilience-Circle based on the "Bamboo-Principle". From this she will then take out the learning and competence field "acceptance and link to reality" and take a closer look at the performance motivators and drivers. Finally, there will be a short energizer exercise and a joint reflection.

We start with a short welcome round. After the input of 25 min. there is time for questions, comments and debate. At the end there are 20 minutes left for networking and exchange.

Depending on the participants – together we will provide translation and manage linguistic comprehension. (For participants in other languages: We ask you to confirm your participation by July 13 th so that we can translate and send you the presentation in advance)

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Meeting ID: 811 6751 1568
Passwort:    794440