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Supervisor Reactions – Countertransference, Parallel, Process or Somatic Resonance

Amina Eperjesi

John Leary-Joyce


I was supervising a senior trainee on their client practice and she was explaining how
her sessions were progressing and what she was learning. Strangely I was feeling a
lack of energy, my mind was drifting off and having difficulty paying attention. What
could I do next?
1. Just see this as a symptom of poor sleeping, so pull myself together and focus
2. Reflect on how this is a Countertransference response. Consider how the
trainee is triggering an unconscious reaction in me.
3. Pay attention to how my reaction to my trainee may be a parallel process
between the coach and her client.
4. Consider my reaction as a somatic resonance to the trainee’s emotional state
and the relationship dynamics.

In the webinar I’ll cover all four responses but focus more on point 4 and how as
Supervisor I can use my emotional reactions as valuable data to clarify what is
happening to the supervisee.
I find the Hawkins 7 Eye +1 a useful model for exploring the different elements of the
supervision process.
I’ll also use a Gestalt perspective to provide a theoretical explanation for how to
maximise the impact of point 4, but also how this approach can become ineffective if
not delivered properly.


We start with a 20 minutes´ Welcome Round in small groups for exchange and getting to know each other. After the input, there will be time for questions, suggestions, debate and comments.

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The plenary presentations will be in English.
Translation into German, Czech and Spanish and back into English will be provided. Instructions on how to enter the language box can be found here. We kindly ask the participants with translation needs to inform the office about their coming by 18.07.2023.
As for the small groups, together we will ensure language understanding and communication

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