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March 17th 2021, 07.00 – 08.30 p.m (GMT +02:00)

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Digital tools for coaching and supervision

The evening will be interactively conducted by:
Christina Göthel and <link in-ihrer-naehe profil volker-tepp>Volker Tepp

Our Zoom meeting will be about useful tools for counselling and groups.
On this evening we will get to know three practical examples of use:
"" is a platform where people meet for exchange, similar to a coffee break. Participants decide for themselves which people they want to join small groups with.
After a short introduction we will try this tool at the beginning of the Zoom meeting. We will provide a link to use. “” then runs via the internet browser. There is one restriction left: “” does not run under Safari on the Mac. Anyone using a Mac must have Firefox or Google Chrome installed.
“Calendly” is an app that is set up via the website. You can create appointment slots of different lengths or for different occasions. When you make an appointment, you have direct access to your calendar and can set break times before and after the appointments as you wish. You can also determine on which days and at which times you want to be available. Once the links are created on "calendly", you can copy them and use them on the website or in emails. The clients and interested people click on the link, see available spots in your diary and can sign up directly. You will then receive an email from “calendly” telling you who has signed up for which time slot.
We will also teach this tool in practice and get to know it from the perspective of both the person giving the appointment and the person booking the appointment.
Miro” is a versatile app which, after registration, can be used to create a variety of digital visualisations. Especially in times of online counselling, “Miro” can help to digitally replace the flipchart or the whiteboard. Here, too, we give a practical introduction to possible uses during our meeting.

Hopefully, this evening is a start to stimulate further exchange on the new digital tools we can use meaningfully in our counselling work.

The evening will also include information on a “digital September Exchange of EASC" by <link in-ihrer-naehe profil susanne-rieger>Susanne Rieger.

The evening will focus on practical application, which will take place partly in small groups and partly in plenary.

Linguistic comprehension:
Depending on the participants, we will work together to ensure translation and understanding in different languages. German-English-German is provided by our colleague Fabiola Chouha.

We look forward to your active participation!

Warmest wishes,
Susanne Rieger and Volker Tepp
On behalf of the EASC Board

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