Newsletter January 2023

Dear EASC Colleagues and Newsletter Subscribers,

The newsletter team wishes you a Happy New Year for 2023, with lots of health, joy, hope and as much inner and outer peace as you can get!

The newsletter team? Yes. Over the turn of the year, the duties of creating and mailing the EASC Newsletter were redistributed. Starting this year, Pilar del Rey Jorda, Lilli Szabo and Livia Sold, together with several people from the Board, will work to ensure that you are regularly informed about news from the association and beyond.

For this purpose, please send us news, messages, references that you would like to publish in the newsletter. In particular we are looking forward to contributions from the institutes, the regional groups, about cooperations, conferences, publications and whatever else you would like to share in this context. We ensure the editorial processing of the newsletter and translations into English, German, Spanish (and Czech in following issues) and send it once a month to all EASC members and newsletter subscribers.

The newsletter team is looking forward to contributors! If you would like to send us contributions for the next issues or would like to participate in the newsletter team, please contact us via our mail address:


News from the EASC Board

Our board has met online so far in January, and we are looking forward to a two-day board meeting face to face in Berlin on the 9th and 10th of February. Here is some information from our January meetin

  • EASC goes paperless! Not only due to sustainability reasons, we have closed our office and switched our team to virtual working. The address in Berlin will remain active, but our staff will work from their home offices. These are just the first changes. In March, we will present the new office crew to you in more detail!
  • We are also discussing an internationalisation strategy and look forward to involving you all!
  • The topics for It’s EASC Time 2023 are mostly set, but we are always happy to hear your suggestions and take up your topics. Please send your recommendations or topic to
  • The annual EASC Congress will take place on the 16th of September from 9-18h! We will be handling the topics of international affairs and sustainability and will soon include you on what is sure to be an interesting programme with the call for papers!

That's all for today! We always welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions! Just contact us at:


Life Trust Coach and Integral Business Coach training by Veit Lindau Homodea are EASC certified as a pilot

After a voting and review process lasting several months, the Board of Directors, following recommendation by the CQS, made the decision to certify the coaching trainings of Veit Lindau Homodea in December 2022.

These include the Life Trust Coach training and, as of 2023, the Integral Business Coach training.

The trainings are mainly conducted in an online format and usually reach more than 1000 participants.

<link en news newsletter issue-01 life-trust-coach-and-integral-business-coach-training-by-veit-lindau-homodea-are-easc-certified-as-a-pilot>


Obituary Rainer Thiele-Fölsch

On 11th of December, our long-time member Rainer Thiele-Fölsch passed away in Berlin.

With Rainer we have lost an original member of EASC, who was active as a coach, supervisor, teaching-supervisor and teaching-trainer from the very beginning and was the director of BIATA (Berlin Institute for Applied TA) for more than 30 years.

Rainer accompanied and trained many people over the years and, in his friendly, appreciative and permission-giving attitude, had great significance in the development of his clients, trainees and supervisees.

We will remember the appreciative attitude and high professionalism in which Rainer worked.

The funeral will take place in January in a small family circle, a memorial service will probably be held in February.

Our sympathy also goes to Marion Fölsch (supervisor EASC) who lost her husband after 36 years.


EASC Reform Group is looking for a staff member with 12 hours per week

We are looking for a new staff member for our reform project of the manual.

The employment contract is limited until 31.12.2023.

The tasks are to accompany the reform group in zoom meetings or live, to work on the documents and to merge them into the new manual, as well as to take minutes. The contact person for project management is Volker Tepp