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We are VERY excited to announce that on September 16th 2023 from 9am - 18pm CEST we will have our VIRTUAL 2023 EASC Congress, with the title of... "Boundaries not Borders: The road to an international and sustainable coaching & supervision collective in Europe!"

Please mark your calendars now, we hope you are all able to join and more information will follow in the coming weeks!

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International Conference "Counselling in Turbulent Times" in Pamplona

On 1 and 2 September 2023, the International Conference "Counselling in Turbulent Times" will be held in Pamplona. It is organised by the EASC Institute Mitxelena in cooperation with the Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences of the National University of Navarra.

Lectures and workshops will deal with different aspects of counselling, coaching and mentoring. Methods ranging from executive coaching to psychodrama will be presented and discussed. The focus will be on the counsellor, on how to deal with pressure and expectations in organisational counselling in a resource-oriented and effective way, or on the difficulties, possibilities and limitations when counselling takes place in a context that is foreign to the counsellor. The complete programme of the event and information on registration can be found here (Information and reservation).

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Cologne-Bonn EASC Regional Group

Intervision and knowledge sharing are core elements of our group meetings. In an atmosphere of trusting openness, professional and personal resources improve. An exciting and very enriching group has emerged. High competences move and enable profitable results.

We meet alternately on the first Monday and the first Thursday of the month from 6.00 to 7.30 pm.

We will be working on the following topics in 2023:

  • Personal branding for coaches
  • Sources for further qualification
  • Methods and tools
  • Order processing and quality (from offer to evaluation)
  • Challenges in assignments (examples: staff shortage, generation differences, challenges in client leadership situations)
  • Functional areas and reform process of EASC e.V.

In terms of content, we alternate 2:1 between intervision and the above-mentioned topics.

You can find our meeting dates <link fileadmin content dokumente regionalgruppen>here.

If you are interested, please contact us with any questions! We are looking forward to it!


<link en in-your-area profile carmen-steves>Carmen Steves, <link en in-your-area profile edna-gatza>Edna Gatza


Information from the Spain Regional Group

Currently there are two active regions: Catalonia-Aragon and Basque Country-Navarre. Meetings are scheduled quarterly and are held digitally via Zoom from 18:30 to 20:00.

In order to consolidate our work in Spain, we are currently prioritizing the overall Spanish group.

Our dates for 2023

February 27, 2023
Introduction to intervision in digital format
by Antonia Schweimer

April 24, 2023

July 10, 2023

September 1st and 2nd 2023
Presence meeting of the group in Pamplona (Navarra) in the framework of the Jubilee of the Mitxelena Institute.

November 27, 2023


“Coaching and activism” - An update from the Joint Global Statement Group

Martin von Wolfersdorff

The Joint Global Statement Group on Climate and Ecodiversity Crises is a group of 11 signatory coaching associations who issued a Joint Global Statement:

“Coaching, mentoring, coaching psychology and supervision are concerned with developing the potential of human beings, of raising awareness to enable people to take responsibility for their actions and ownership for their contribution. We have a significant role to play in fostering new ways of being in service to a healthy human society and a healthy planet.”

I am attending meetings of the JGSG because this activity fits well into my sustainability coaching and consulting work. I also really enjoy exchanging about this topic in a truly international and cosmopolitan group.

Would you also like to join? Just contact me or Susanne Rieger!

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JGSG Roundtables


Martin von Wolfersdorff

The JGSG organizes roundtable events which are co-hosted by two signatory associations. The first roundtable was organized by IAC and APECS in November 2022 on the topic of “Quo vadis Coaching? The Role of Coaches in Climate Action”.

The next roundtable is organized by COMENSA and APAC on the topic of “Coaching beyond - Extending the reach and boundaries of coaching”. It will take place online on February 17th 2023 at 11h30 CET time. Interested EASC colleagues and also their non-EASC friends and colleagues can register by email to This event is open to the public.

I am looking for EASC colleagues who want to organize a roundtable under the EASC flag, together with another JGSG signatory association, which we have yet to choose.

Would you like to join me in organizing this roundtable?

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EASC Reform Group is looking for an employee with 12 hours per week

We are looking for a new staff member for our reform project of the EASC manual. Up to 12 hours per week would be possible, but we would also be happy to receive applications for fewer hours.

The employment contract is limited until 31.12.2023.

The tasks are to accompany the reform group in Zoom meetings or live, to work on the documents and compile them in the new manual, and to take minutes. The contact person for project management for interested staff members is Volker Tepp


New cooperation between: Vincent Palotti University and EASC

Starting next semester, the Vinzenz-Palotti University offers a Master's program in Coaching with 90 ECTS points: Recently, the head of the course and EASC member, Dr. Margaret Fischer with CQS and the Board of EASC laid the foundations for an interesting cooperation in terms of content. Dr. Margaret Fischer is a teaching supervisor, teaching coach and teaching trainer in EASC.

The Master's program in Coaching at VPU meets the quality requirements of our manual, the CQS has certified the program accordingly and graduates thus have the prerequisites for membership in EASC. EASC and VPU concluded a corresponding cooperation agreement in January.

As a private university, the Vinzenz Palotti University is committed to teaching and research and, with the right to award doctorates, also offers a special qualification in the field of coaching. We look forward to the exchange with evidence-based research and warmly welcome VPU as a cooperation partner of our association.