Dear partners,

In this crisis, we at EASC try to support our partners from several European countries in the best possible way.

We are aware of the differences in the situation and public reaction in the various countries, and with this in mind we try to give you our maximum support.

As coaches, supervisors and training institutes, we would like to accompany you in this difficult situation, trying to share as much information as possible, creating synergies and promoting the exchange between our partners.

At this time and for the near future, we will do so virtually.

Our proposals:


On April 7th at 7 pm (duration: 90 minutes) we invite you to a conference via "Zoom Open Space" to collect ideas on how to support you virtually through training, virtual discussion forums, etc., in order to guarantee your work continuity as coaches and supervisors online.

To join the meeting in "Zoom":
Meeting ID: 430 233 0415


We recommend you to install the "Zoom" application on your computer/phone before the meeting. You also need to enable audio and video on your devices.


We encourage the EASC member institutes to manage mutual support and exchange of ideas, such as ways to offer online training in the future, to take exams virtually... To discuss these and other topics at a conference in "Zoom", please indicate a contact person from your institute by sending a message to the following e-mail address:


We would like to encourage connection, exchange of ideas and development of new projects between regional groups. To do this and to get in touch, you can contact our office:


In addition to the RTC Round Table Coaching, in Germany we have worked on a government petition for recognition and support of coaches, supervisors and consultants by the state.


German-speaking people can become members of the association "Trainerversorgung e.V." free of charge as members of the EASC. Here you will find important information for coaches, advisors and facilitators from German-speaking countries. More information here:



For our German partners we recommend the following website of the DGSv association (German association for supervision and coaching) with relevant information for coaches and supervisors:


At European level, we are in contact with different organisations to try to draw up a joint declaration and to move towards the recognition of our professions.


For our English-speaking partners, we recommend Eve Turner's "Global Supervisor Network" ( where you can find interesting training and special exchange sessions.


GSN: SPECIAL Coronavirus and supervision: Lise Lewis; 0830 and 1800 UK time on Monday 6th April 2020 ZOOM, 75 minutes

08.30-09.45 – 6 de abril

18.00-19.15 – 6 de abril


Without further ado, we'll keep you posted.