REMEDIUM Praha o.p.s. - Křišťanova 15
130 00 Praha 3
Tschechische Republik

+420 - 272 743 360, +420 - 272 739 833

REMEDIUM Praha entered the non-governmental sector as one of the first non-profit organizations in Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution in the autumn of 1991.

Its educational program Management and Supervision in helping professions started in 2004 after the project Optimization of the Education System for Supervisors in Social Services. Besides training, professional guarantors and lectors of the program with the support of the institute strive also to cultivate the collaboration of supervision schools in CZ (series of colloquia on team supervision, practical textbook Team supervision, colloquia concerning supervision at schools and supervision of management).

The institute was presented in Berlin by one of professional guarantors of the educational program Bohumila Baštecká, Ph.D. (supervisor, clinical psychologist, community crisis worker and lecturer from the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University, Prague) on behalf of two other professional guarantors and EASC trainers, psychologists PhDr. Milan Kinkor and Doc. PhDr. Jan Kožnar, CSc. She mentioned the supervision emphasises of the Remedium Praha: supervision as a tool for human resource development; value-based supervision (responsibility, partnership, development, perspective from above); multilateral supervision contracts.