Workshop 2 "Training effective supervisors: Warm heart, sharp sword" - Jo Birch and Louie Gardiner (CSA Coaching Supervision Academy)

What is needed now in our supervisor training programmes? How do we ‘train’ and enable coaching supervisors to hold professional clarity and hold uncertainty with ease; find stillness whilst embracing chaos; embody love and respect amidst a sea of disturbance, division and separation? Effective, confident supervisors bring a precious resource to coaches who experience daily the gigantic wave of VUCA distress in the system.



Louie Gardiner, BA (hons), MBA, FRSA, PhD researcher
Executive Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Change Consultant, facilitator/trainer:

Louie has pioneered the development of a new approach to human transformation called Presence-in-ActionTM. This complexity-attuned practice is facilitated through a framework called the P6 ConstellationTM which she uses in Coaching Supervision and Coaching contexts.

Louie is an experienced, wholehearted practitioner, working across contexts, cultures and generations. She invites people to embrace, navigate and 'dance' with the complexity of life’s opportunities and challenges. Her expertise resides in her embodied, empathic understanding of the dynamics that play out within and between people.  She works one-to-one, with groups and designs whole-organisation and multi-sector leadership and change programmes that span professional and community contexts.

She is recognised as an original thinker and writer e.g. e-O&P Journal, Coaching Today, Book: The Collaboratory; previously the3rdi magazine contributor.

+44 7730 596 771

Twitter @Potent6