"Functional Fluency and Leadership 4.0" - Jutta Kreyenberg (Institut für Coaching & Supervision)

Work 4.0 has a lot of challenges
- complexity and faster changes coming together
- new expectations towards leadership culture in international companies across boarders
This calls for a new leadership 4.0 to help leaders closing the gap between challenge and
reality and to find a new identity both as a person and as a leader.
Of great help is the model "Functional Fluency" (FF). It sets the focus on relationships, communication and personal identity and gives leaders the opportunity to meet people effectively. In helping to reflect ones own and the teams strengths and weaknesses and
strongly building on resources, it helps to create a safe foundation for meeting the needs of
our increasingly connected but fractious world.
In this workshop we discuss the use of FF in up-to-date leadership development programs
and its contribution to give identity and orientation in a more agile and healthier leadership