EASC-Congress 2018 in Eichstätt: Supervision and Coaching in a VUCA world

We warmly invite you to our EASC CONGRESS held on 14 and 15 September 2018 in Eichstätt (Germany). We will diskuss coaching and supervision in view of fast changes and increasing complexity and uncertainty in business and society. Under the heading of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), this change is debated in science, in organisations and in the coaching and supervision community. We will examine how VUCA affects the working conditions, the ways of working and the training of coaches and supervisors.

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Thursday, 13.09.2018

18:00 to 20:00 Uhr Member's general meeting

Friday, 14.09.2018

10:00 Uhr: Opening
10:30 Uhr: Keynote I: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kühl
12:00 Uhr: Lunch
13:15 Uhr: Keynote II: Dr. Schmidt-Lellek
14:45 Uhr: Coffeebreak
15:15 Uhr: Workshops
16:45 Uhr: Break
17:00 Uhr: Workshops
18:30 Uhr: Plenary session
19:00 Uhr: Dinner
20:30 Uhr: Guided city tours

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kühl, University Bielefeld

Keynote I:

How to deal with standard deviations in organisations – a topical organisational sociology perspective

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kühl, Professor of Sociology since 2004, has been working at Bielefeld University since 2007, among others in the research fields of Social Theory, Organisational Sociology and Interaction Sociology. As a consultant of the company Metaplan, he knows the practice of change management from his own experience and regularly issues provocative theses on it. In his text book “Coaching und Supervision. Zur Personenorientierten Beratung in Organisationen“ (approx.: Coaching and supervision. On person-oriented consulting in organisations.), considered a standard reference among experts, he demonstrates how much one can learn for the practice of coaching by means of scientific distanced observation.



Dr. Christoph Schmidt-Lellek, Frankfurt/M.

Keynote II:


Coaching has had a jobrelated context ever since it entered the world of business. Considering the current developments in the working worlds, which are increasingly marked by complexity, flexibility, shortened reaction times, risk, blurred bound aries between work and private life, etc., there is the danger of an alienation, reification, instrumentalisation of people. In this VUCA world, an extension of the horizon to life as a whole becomes significantly more important for the coaching and supervisory work. Consequently, life coaching does not only attend to the professional functions of a person, such as the success, effectiveness and efficiency of their work (external impact), but also, among others, to emotional aspects, to how the professional work is experienced and processed (internal impact). This way, the addressed issues are given an existential dimension.

Saturday, 15.09.2018

09:00 Uhr: Keynote speakers, brief discussion
10:15 Uhr: Break
10:45 Uhr: Panel discussion (including the audience), N.N.
12:45 Uhr: Lunch
14:00 Uhr: Plenary session
16:00 Uhr: End
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