"Who am I in today’s changing world?” Exploring identity in times of change


Barcelona is a city of innovation, multiculturalism and change, which has recently too often received attention in the international press due to the disputes between pro-independence advocates and opponents. The conflict between Catalonia and the rest of Spain is now back where it belongs, on the political stage of political discourse and dialogue. This delicate shoot of understanding will hopefully grow in the coming weeks and months into a strong plant, a solid tree, which will open up new ideas and possibilities.

Barcelona is also a symbol of change, of the search for identity, for belonging, for definition, paired with many interests from the direct environment and different systemic influences. The Spanish/Catalan discussion is not only about a national topic, it is also about Europe, about the bigger question: what kind of Europe do we want to shape? How do we deal with our history? What influence might this have on our future?

As EASC we have chosen Barcelona as our conference venue for 2021 – deliberately, because of the attractiveness of the city, its diversity and the close connection to our congress theme.

The preparation team has invested a lot of energy, time and ideas to make this congress an fabulous meeting place, where exchange, new ideas and innovative contributions are at the centre. We have found a wonderful venue for this professional and human exchange, the ancient modernist hospital Sant Pau in the heart of Barcelona, overlooking the Sagrada Familia.  What better place could there be for stimulating discussions about identity, change and transformation! Europe needs this discourse, exploring the current time and our common future. As the European Association for Supervision and Coaching we want to actively influence this conversation.

"Who am I in today’s changing world?"

Exploring identity in times of change

is the theme of this year's congress. We are pleased that we have been able to offer many interesting speakers such as philosopher Daniel Innerarity, young futurologist Lena Papasabbas, Professor of the management school IESE Nuria Chinchilla, Professor of the University of Bielefeld Paul Mecheril and Transactional Analyst Dr. Henning Schulz. We are also very pleased that the first panel will be moderated by the well-known journalist of Lavanguardia Inma Sanchiz (La Contra). In 15 different workshops on the second day we will approach the topic from various angles in an interactive, dialogical and playful way.

We look forward to welcoming colleagues and guests with inspiring ideas from many European countries to Barcelona. We would like to thank the city of Barcelona and the various associations from the consulting and social sector who have supported us in the run-up to the congress. Experience the cosmopolitan, innovative and constructive Barcelona together with us and let us together advance the world of supervision and coaching in Europe.

For the board of the EASC

Susanne Rieger,
1st chair