ImpACT – Sustainability in Supervision and Coaching

EASC Congress 16-18 September 2022 in Barcelona

Our programme is set - registration is open!!! We will have three days of interesting inputs from different social sectors on the topic of sustainability.

We will start on Friday with Cristina Monge, sociologist and journalist for various radio and TV stations in Spain, who is an expert on the topic of sustainability and politics, as well as with Markus Strangmüller, the sustainability officer of Siemens. With both of them we will discuss the socio-political and economic dimensions and try to understand why the implementation of sustainability concepts is so difficult in practice.

On Saturday morning, the topic will be "Sustainability: the challenge for our world - our role as supervisors and coaches". Martin von Wolffersdorf (EASC Sustainability Coach), Eve Turner (Global Supervisors’ Network, Co-Founder (APECS) Joint Statement of Climate Change), the Gestalt supervisor John Leary-Joyce, the representative of the Schulz von Thun Institute Regina Heiland and Jan Pfeiffer, Chairman of the Czech Supervision Association will discuss with all of us how they implement sustainability on the ground and what demands await us in the future.

Taking responsibility - (co-)shaping sustainable change processes!

Under this motto, there will be 15 workshops to choose from in the afternoon on different topics such as:

  • Life coaching
  • Effective supervision
  • Coaching competences for young people
  • Tango and supervision
  • Working with the Enneagram in coaching and supervision
  • Relationship focus on supervision and coaching
  • Words that work in coaching and supervision
  • The 7 dynamics of the physis
  • The psychology of the systemic approach
  • Reflections on the helper approach
  • Sustainable didactics in coaching and supervision trainings
  • Sustainable team coaching and networking
  • Naturalisation of supervision with human values
  • Coaching and supervision in psychosocionomy
  • and much more,

with international speakers from Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, England, etc.

We will close the day with a common sustainable experience: we are all actively creating a human tower!

On Sunday, local representatives will show us their city through their supervised coaching glasses: Barcelona inclusive, sustainable and off the beaten track!

Below is the link to the registration! If you have any questions beforehand and would like to clarify them, please send us an email to:


Below you will also find a selection of hotel recommendations.

We are looking forward to seeing you! The congress price is fairly staggered for members from different countries and non-members and ranges from 110 - 350€ depending on the category. The ambience of the Hospital Sant Pau and Barcelona are waiting for us!

We are looking forward to meeting you, to talking, exchanging, learning and celebrating together!