It´s EASC Time - 15 February 2023

Begin: 19:00

End: 20:30

Exploration and practice of the technique of Mediation

„As a coach and trainer I encountered people who were going through conflicts on a regular basis. As I wanted to better assist them, I decided to take on a new challenge and certified as a mediator. My passion is to help people find a solution for their issues, and I’m most interested when they are striving to maintain or re-establish their relationship. Although I’m a family mediator too, I mediate more widely for organisations and teams.

During the training I shall set out a framework for mediation, go over the principles and various approaches of mediation. Also, I shall present some tools you could deploy. And interactive practice is guaranteed!”

"The (online) approach of the highly participative ‘learning facilitation’: I stay far, far away from the traditional talk-over-slides; instead I continually engage participants so they learn from each other and with each other.

People are human beings and not brains in jars. Mindful of the eternal dance between brain, body and environment, I create online spaces that feel psychologically safe and are stimulating and active. By purposeful design I make it easy for people to engage in the virtuous cycle of paying attention, directing attention and speaking up.”

Adriaan Korevaar and Amina Eperjesi accompany us through the event


Via Zoom - wherever you are