Committee for Quality and Standards (CQS)

To support the quality process, the board appoints a panel of four members, which is then confirmed by the AGM. The CQS assures the quality of the EASC Institutes and of our members' work as Trainers or Mentoring Supervisors.

Some of its particular tasks are:

  • Structuring the discourse to further develop the Manual
  • Implementing new decisions in the Manual
  • Examining applications for membership according to Access II and III (degree from non-EASC training courses), workflow and meeting plan see here.
  • Recognizing training courses and curricula of EASC Institutes

Monthly meeting dates:
The CQS holds monthly meetings via Skype to discuss and agree on incoming applications.

Current CQS members:

Chairman of the CQS
Hans-Günter Simon, Münster (D)
Coach, Supervisor, Mentoring Supervisor and Trainer

Amina Baar-Baarenfels, Barcelona (ES)

PhDr. Irena Švábová, Prag (CZ)
Coach and Supervisor

Mathias Hühnerbein, Nürnberg (D)
Coach, Supervisor, Mentoring Supervisor and Trainer

Mail address for questions and feedback to the CQS: