Newsletter July 2022

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Latest info on the congress in Barcelona

It is end of June and we have already had a big heat wave in Europe, with forest fires and water shortages. The next wave is already being announced, along with tornadoes, hurricanes and other phenomena from which we have so far been spared in Europe.

This makes it clear how relevant our congress theme is! ImPACT - Sustainability in Supervision and Coaching - this will shape our work in the coming years. So hopefully we will meet in Barcelona, for debates and workshops! The programme is of high quality and offers many different aspects! On the congress page: <link en news easc-congress-2022-barcelona>

you will find the programme, a list of accommodations and the registration button!

Let's work together on the topic of sustainability - we will meet in Barcelona!



News from the EASC Board

We met with the board to discuss not only the day-to-day business but also the longer-term strategy of EASC. We would like to present this and our other planned focal points to you in an It's EASC Time on 20 July! We are still looking forward to people who want to volunteer in EASC. To this end, we will be setting up working groups, starting in the autumn, to discuss topics such as: News, solidarity work, sustainability, but also business support, exchange of tools and Best Practice etc. between members! If you can't be there on 20/7, you will be able to find our ideas in the internal members area after the event!

Please register for the GA which will take place on Thursday 15/9 in hybrid format in Barcelona via the EASC congress page!



Interested in representing EASC at the ANSE conference in Latvia?

We usually participate in each other's ANSE summer universities and conferences. This time the summer university will take place in Riga/ Latvia from 22-26 August. If you are interested in representing EASC there, please contact and we will send you more details. We will cover travel costs and two nights in a hotel. In return we expect a report, active participation and networking.



Joint working day in Brussels with ANSE and EMCC

On 11 October we will take a big step forward in representing our professions at the European level! We will work together with ANSE and EMCC in Brussels on three topics: Ethical Principles, Research in Coaching and Supervision and Quality Standards. The aim is to present a joint statement to politicians, stakeholders and representatives of the European Commission in a joint round on 12/10 in order to strengthen the two professions of coaching and supervision within Europe. Another milestone will be the formation of a Europe wide round table on supervision and coaching. If you are interested in participating in this process, please contact the EASC office and we will be happy to share more details!



On our own account: Newsletter

In future, we want to publish the newsletter more frequently and make it more participatory.

In future, you will find it in your inbox every month, at the beginning of each month, although not as extensively as before.

And we want to involve you in the work. If you like to write about coaching or supervision, if you organise events on these topics and want to publicise them.... We want to support you in sharing this information with the whole membership. If you are interested in contributing articles, we would be delighted!

You should keep the following guidelines in mind:


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From the CBS network in East Westphalia-Lippe

Here are dates and evenings that are open to all EASC members and to which they are cordially invited!
Location: ProWerk Bethel Werkstatt am Meierteich, seminar rooms, Hügelstrasse 8 in 33613 Bielefeld.
Time: always from 19:00 h - approx. 21:00 h


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Czech Supervision Conference, 2022

From 12 May to 14 May, the Czech Institute for Supervision (CIS) in co-operation with six other supervision organisations finally realised a conference which had to be postponed for eight months due to the Covid pandemic. The main topic of the conference was Reflexivity. The event was held at the conference centre Hotel Luna in the middle of a beautiful hilly countryside an hour’s drive from Prague. There were 130 participants ranging from supervision students and trainees to the most experienced supervisors and supervision trainers, and from the representatives of regional authorities, project managers and team leaders to the supervisees themselves. Two of our most experienced colleagues, Doc. PhDr. Zuzana Havrdova and PhDr. Bohumila Bastecka, who are also supervision trainers and university lecturers, gave the keynote speeches on reflexivity, reflectivity, reflecting, self-reflecting and what its meaning is in philosophy, neuroscience, research and practice, especially in the fields of social work, education and health care.


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Report RTC Conference 13 & 14.6. in Herrsching am Ammersee

by Isabel Frank

The first hot days in Germany, summer mood and a wonderful atmosphere in Herrsching am Ammersee. Under these auspices, the Round Table of Coaching Associations e.V. - the federation of associations in Germany - met on 13 and 14.6.2022.
Susanne Rieger and Isabel Frank took part as representatives of EASC.
After three years of online and hybrid meetings, it was finally possible to meet again in the presence of the majority of the member associations!
Representatives from DGSF, SG, DGfC, QRC and EASC took part. We were pleased to welcome the GWG as a new association!


<link en news newsletter issue-02 report-rtc-conference-13-146-in-herrsching-am-ammersee>


We wish you all a good summer! And: see you in Barcelona!