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Amendment to EASC By-laws as at 1st February 2018

On 15 September 2017, the General Assembly of Members of EASC approved two amendments to the EASC By-laws, which are expected to come into force as at 1st February 2018. 

We present these two amendments to you in the following.

1. Article 4 Membership Fees is amended as follows:

„The membership fee is due upon joining the Association and at the beginning of each calendar year.”
(this sentence is cancelled)

“The membership fee is due upon receipt of the invoice and, at the latest, within the period stated therein. As a general rule, the invoice on the annual membership fee is sent to members by email. Members are obliged to ensure that invoices can be sent correctly by always updating the personal data, including email address, stated in their personal EASC online profile.
Costs for returns incurred by EASC due to wrong data are to be borne entirely by the respective member.”

Voting result on By-law amendment to Article 4: 59 affirmative votes, no negative votes, no abstentions

2. Amendment and addition to Article 9 Committee for Quality and Standards

The present By-law text shall be complemented as follows:
“CQS members may receive an appropriate remuneration for their activities. The amount of such remuneration shall be subject to approval by the Annual General Assembly of Members and shall be based on the respectively valid legal provisions.” 

Voting result on By-law amendment to Article 9: 58 affirmative votes, no negative votes, 1 abstention

You will find the entire By-laws in their currently valid version at the following link:

DE <link downloads>

EN <link en downloads>

ES <link es descarga>




The Regional Group of North-West Switzerland introduces itself

In our newsletter we present to you Regional Groups, members and Institutes in a loose sequence. 

This time we asked the Regional Group of North-West Switzerland if it would give us some answers. Andreas Sigrist, spokesman of the Regional Group, kindly answered our little questionnaire: 

Regional Group Nord-West Switzerland 

Andreas Sigrist

Number of members
Between 10 and 15 participants

Topics in 2017 / recent topics 
Were: vision processes in big groups, introvision, digitisation 4.0 for coaching, social media

Topics in 2018 / special events in 2017/18
Will be: VUCA world, unwitting bias, mediation

Three words about you
curious – willing to learn – grateful!

Was should everybody know? What more is there to know?A Regional Group very much lives on the individual participants’ input. 

But here, too, the following rule applies: those who want to get to the legendary treasure must simply be prepared to overpower the dragon. So: let’s go!


EASC Regionalgruppe (Nordwest-)Schweiz

<link de mitglieder profil andreas-sigrist>Andreas Sigrist
Wellenau 21
8494 Bauma

Phone: 0041 774 7421 18 


EASC Congress on 14 and 15 September 2018 at Eichstätt University

The preparations of the EASC Congress of 2018 in Eichstätt are in full swing. Many aspects are still volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, which of course we know how to handle. We have thus already compiled a fascinating programme on Supervision and Coaching in a VUCA World. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we have already won over two top-class keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Stephan Kühl and Dr. Christoph Schmidt-Lellek – a third keynote speech on the second day will be followed by a thrilling scientific panel discussion.

A heartfelt thank you for sending your workshop papers. Already today we can confirm the following workshops:

  • Matthias Sell: Supervision and Coaching on a Relational Basis – Intersubjectivity Precedes Subjectivity
  • Jesús Hernandez: Dialogue and Resonance in Counselling and Coaching, 
  • Ulrich Schubert and Susanne Rieger: VUCA World Needs Understanding – Intercultural Aspects in Coaching and Supervision
  • Joachim Klein: Multisystemic View of Settings with the “Inner Team”.
  • Joachim Klein: The Importance of Mentoring in Times of VUCA
  • Christoph Schalk: Coaching in Virtual Space
  • Renate Wunstorf: How to Gain and Offer Stability and Certainty in the VUCA World
  • Anette Dielmann and Jutta Kreyenberg: Functional Fluency and Leadership 4.0
  • Mathias Hofmann: Identity as a Process. How Can an Organisation Preserve – and Further Develop – its Core in Times of Many Fast Changes  

We can place some more workshops, so please answer the CALL FOR PAPERS at the Congress page of EASC! The text is available in several languages: German, English, Czech (on the English page) and Spanish

<link en latest-news easc-congress-2018>

Any updates to the programme as well as further information will be published on these pages, too. 


The registration function will be activated shortly, you can benefit from an early booker discount until April 30, 2018. 

We will have excellent conference facilities at Eichstätt University, but we will not be the only ones to visit this wonderful environment. We therefore recommend that you book your accommodation early.

There is also a congress flyer, which you can download from the website and obtain from the EASC Office. It has also been distributed to all EASC Institutes. Please support the marketing for the congress and tell your colleagues and friends about the congress. Bring them to the congress! Distribute flyers and refer to the congress site in your emails!




Special conference to obtain the «Master Coach EASC» certificate

Dear Mentoring Supervisors and Trainers,

A special «Master Coach EASC» certification conference will be held in Berlin on February 19, 2018. 

Time: 09:30 – 17:00 hours

Place: Coaching Institut Berlin, Waldstr. 32, 10551 Berlin 

Together we will work on the following three topics in a workshop-style meeting: 

1. Differentiation of the professions (Coach, Master Coach, Supervisor) and functions (Mentoring Supervisor, Trainer, …) within EASC in an overview. 

2. Definition of the competences required for the title «Master Coach EASC» (by which we also mean to describe the objectives for the training in Master Coaching). 

3. Definition of the evaluation workshop for the (future) obtainment of the «Master Coach EASC» certificate (definition and formulation of contents).

This NON-RECURRING conference will allow the holders of the «Trainer EASC» and «Mentoring Supervisor EASC» certificates to qualify for the «Master Coach EASC» profession by means of this one-day workshop and thus obtain the right to offer training in Master Coaching at their Institute in future. 

AFTER this special workshop, we will apply the normal procedure according to the EASC Manual. Your advantage as a workshop participant will be that you will have the certificate from the very beginning and you will not need to meet any further requirements. This certification will be organized as a workshop so that we can benefit as much as possible from your know-how. This is also the reason why you will only be charged an expense contribution of € 100.- for the workshop (including catering during the breaks and certificate).

Registration deadline: January 31, 2018, to be sent to the EASC Office by email.

We look forward to a targeted and fascinating day of working with you,

Susanne Rieger, Hans-Günter Simon, Daniel Frei



In the last newsletter, of October 2017, we reported on the special work done by Silvia Reichert de Palacio and printed an interview with her ( In this context we made a mistake, incompletely mentioning Ms Reichert de Palacio’s name in the headline. We apologize for this omission.