About us

Globalization and the respective need for intercultural competence are also growing in the field of coaching and supervision. As an agile trade association, we have years of experience in networking across cultures. 

EASC stands for European Association for Supervision and Coaching. It is our interest to assure quality in coaching and supervision. 

Our members are professional coaches, supervisors and institutes whose goal it is to enhance, apply and train according to precisely defined quality features. 

We welcome members to EASC who implement the high quality requirements and the ethical guidelines of EASC in their professional practice and further develop them together with us in the association. Within EASC, supervision and coaching are joined under one shared “umbrella”. The training courses for supervision and coaching are accompanied by mentoring supervision. This way we make sure that we offer high quality to our customers and clients. 

On a pan-European level, we develop the idea of coaching and supervision further and maintain an active dialogue with the other associations for coaching and supervision in Europe. We contribute our experiences, our knowledge and our interests to the discourse of science and practice at conferences and congresses.


Please click on the image below to see our EASC Onboarding Document 2024.