EASC – the European Association for Supervision and Coaching

We in EASC stand for

  • A dialogue of professional supervisors and coaches in Europe and a community of colleagues who enjoy their profession.
  • A certificate with top quality standards for training of supervisors and coaches in Europe and the further development of the professional profiles.
  • A supranational network of training institutes and an exchange on the practice of supervision and coaching at the regional level.
  • Promotion of research and participation in the scientific discourse on coaching and supervision in Europe.
  • Cooperation of all associations of coaches and supervisors in Europe which stand for an appropriate ethical and professional behaviour for our clients.

As an EASC member, you are a coach or supervisor trained according to the highest quality standards and you have a quality certificate which is recognised all over Europe. You are in a dialogue with 20 Institutes and more than 600 Supervisors and Coaches in Europe, who organise Regional Groups, conferences and congresses throughout Europe.

As an EASC Institute, you offer training courses that are recognised by EASC and after a successful examination according to the EASC standards you issue quality certificates for future supervisors and coaches. You are in a professional exchange with other EASC Institutes and, with EASC, you are committed to professionalism, quality and the interests of the occupational group and trainers.

In EASC supervision and coaching are represented under one umbrella and all benefit from this exchange on professional support and consulting of people in challenging job situations and constellations.