EASC would like to be a European professional association that represents the interests of its members, also together with other similar associations and organisations, in public and vis-à-vis politicians, etc.

Unfortunately, the two professions of coaching and supervision are not yet recognized on a national or European level. This complicates the situation. Nevertheless, we seek contact, exchange and, where possible, mutual recognition with other associations such as:

  • ANSE  – Association of National Organisations for Supervision in Europe
  • DGTA  – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transaktionsanalyse
  • EMCC – European Mentoring & Coaching Council

We are happy to inform you about the specific agreements with the associations listed above. Please send your enquiry to the Board.


EASC participates in the scientific discourse on supervision and coaching and, among others, cooperates closely with

  • SRH Fernhochschule - The Mobile University
  • Universitat ROVIRA I VIRGILI, Fundació URV (Tarragona)
  • Vinzenz Palotti University gGmbH
  • IU Internationale Hochschule
  • The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland, Olten
  • The University of Applied Sciences Euro-FH Hamburg
  • The University of Ingolstadt-Eichstätt