21.02. – 21.02.2024

It´s EASC Time - 21st of February 2024

Begin: 19:00

End: 20:30

EMCC and EASC Cooperation: Current Status and Future Potential

For this month’s It’s EASC Time, Susanne Rieger (EASC President) will be discussing with Stephen Murphy (EMCC Global Vice-president Thought Leadership & Development) about the cooperation between EMCC and EASC.

The idea is to gain a better understanding of and to learn more about EMCC and find the connection points where the two bodies can work even more strongly together in the future.

The evening will start as always, with 20 min in smaller exchange groups and then will follow with an interview between Stephen and Susanne about structure, aims and focus of EMCC, in comparison to EASC. We will then talk about the different initiatives we have started together like the focus groups, the activities in Brussels and wishes we have for further collaboration. 


Susanne Rieger and Stephen Murphy will present to us the topic.


Via Zoom - wherever you are