20.09. – 20.09.2023

It´s EASC Time - 20th of September 2023

Begin: 19:00

End: 20:30

The unity of difference of supervision and coaching

Literature and research observe that supervision and coaching are converging and in practice it becomes more and more difficult to tell the two apart.

In this session we would like to explore the differences and the commonalities of the two professions as perceived by the meeting attendents.

As a start the two presenters will give an insight into the current thinking of the EASC Reform Group about the two respective job profiles.

We hope this session can be a start rather than an end of a joint professional reflexion about the unity, the difference and the “unity of difference” of the two professions the EASC carries in its very name.


Amina Eperjesi will accompany us through the event and presenting to us the topic will be: Andreas Wolf and Daniel Frei


Via Zoom - wherever you are